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Do you find it difficult to stick to a study schedule?

Updated: Jan 4

When you search the internet for how to study effectively, you may find tips like getting organized, making a study plan, sitting in a calm place, and the rest of it....

Do you find that all of these steps do not work for you?

When you try these tips, do you get bored and end up wasting time on your mobile?

Then you've come to the right place.

Trust me, this technique will trick your brain into studying without you even realizing it.

So what should we do if none of the methods works for you.?


  1. Select a topic to read.

  2. Read the entire topic from beginning to end as quickly as possible. (to use this technique effectively, please read the topic ONLY ONCE)

  3. Close the topic and now try to remember how much you remembered after the first read. (please do not open the topic and do not try to cheat)

  4. Now, finally, write down how much you remembered on a piece of paper and open the topic and check how much you remembered and read the rest of the topic.

That's all there you need to do.

yes, you read that correctly, all you have to do now is to follow this.


  1. This technique challenges your brain and keeps it active.

  2. Your brain, which does not want to study, is now attempting to remember a new topic.

  3. If you can able to recall at least 30% to 40% of it. Your brain feels good and releases your hormone known as Dopamine (this is a hormone that makes us addicted to mobiles)


Don't try to cramp too much information within one day using this method. Your brain tries to tell you it needs more, but try to study in sessions with breaks.

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Dr Deepika

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