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How to apply for the GMC registration process?

Hello everyone, welcome back to Inspiring Minds for you.

First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate you on passing the PLAB 2 exam. Once you finish your EPIC verification, now it is time to get registered with GMC.

GMC Registration Process
GMC Registration Process

To start GMC registration process,

  • Login to your GMC online account.

  • Select My Registration from the menu.

  • Click on My Applications under My Registration.

You can read the instructions and then choose to continue with the application.

  • Click NO in the Route section because you are not applying for GP or Speciality register. We are applying for after PLAB 2.

Please read carefully what this ROUTE SELECTION says for after PLAB 2.

  • You have completed first year of UK foundation Programme (FY1) (or)

  • Completed 12 months of continuous medical practice immediately after your graduation which should be 3 months in Medicine and 3 months in Surgery if the course is between 12 to 18 months (or) 6 months in Medicine and 6 months in Surgery if the duration is more than 18 months.

If your degree satisfies any of the above, you can click Yes and apply for full registration.

Now you need fill information in the following 7 sections

  1. EPIC Details: Fill in your EPIC ID. Make sure you enter it correctly, you will have three attempts to enter correctly. If entered incorrectly, you will have wait for 15 mints before you can attempt again.

  2. INTERNSHIP DETAILS: You need to provide your internship details of each Speciality separately. You need to provide: Type of internship, start date, end date, hospital, Speciality, and country.

  3. NAME DETAILS: If your name is different in your primary medical qualification, you can press YES and you can mention it.

  4. RECENT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: You can add your any period of employment or unemployment within the last 5 years or the date your PMQ was awarded if it is less than 5 years ago. You need to provide whether it is in Medical capacity (if you are treating patients) or Non medical capacity. Please make sure you do not leave more than 28 days gap, otherwise you won't be able to submit the application.

  5. REGISTRATION AND LICENSING: You need to mention all the registrations or license to practise you have been registered with within last 5 years. Please make that you got good standing certificate from the medical authorities you are registered with.

  6. FITNESS TO PRACTICE - YOUR HEALTH: Please read all the information and answer it. Please be truthful.

  7. DECLRATION OF FITNESS TO PRACTICE: If all the information is right, you can agree.


  9. PAYMENT: Payment can vary, if your PMQ is less than 5 years, payment will e around 161 pounds and if more than 5 years, will be 433 pound. These values may vary when you are applying.


Documents needed for GMC registration include:

1. Passport front and back pages.

2. Your primary medical qualification (PMQ).

3. Internship certificate

4. Provided GMC with access to unexpired OET results.

5. Certificate of good standing (less than 3 months old)

6. ID for EPIC verification.

COCLUSION: This video is intended for educational purpose only and make sure to read GMC online as well. You can further information from GMC online for any recent updates.


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