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How To Pass the PLAB-2 Exam on the first attempt.

Updated: May 17, 2023

PLAB 2 is a very expensive exam and it is very important to pass in the first attempt. This content is about how to pass the PLAB 2 exam on the first attempt.

How to pass PLAB 2 Exam in the first attempt
How to pass PLAB 2 Exam in the first attempt

Understanding PLAB 2 pattern/How to pass PLAB 2 Exam on the first attempt

There are 18 stations in PLAB 2.

Out of these, four stations were Teaching, Simman, Prescription, and Examination. In these areas, you can score 12/12. So, we suggest you practice them on a daily basis.

8-9 stations are from genetics and counseling. So start with ethics and counseling.

2 stations from history taking of systems and 1 from Dermatology.

other stations are Medical errors, Angry Patients, colleague problems, and treatment refusal.

Complete history taking in 3-4 minutes and try to complete all the stations.

Always ends up with safety netting and leaflets.

Make your own notes to build up confidence - with the NHS website (You can find explanations in simple understandable terms). For example, click here.

How PLAB 2 Exam is marked?

Top tips from Examiners on what to avoid in PLAB 2 exam!

Can I pass the PLAB 2 Exam without any coaching.?



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