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How to save money in the UK.

Updated: May 24, 2023

Here we are going to share some tips and tricks which everyone should know. Being a Immigrant, the Uk's cost of living is expensive and we need to know some tips and tricks to save a little bit of money. You can still enjoy your life in the UK and can save a decent amount at the same time.


How to save money in the UK
TASTE CARD - How to save money in the UK.

Taste Card has many offers and food discounts at 1000s of restaurants and pizzas, Cinema tickets, and a lot more. This app helps to save money.

For example, It has offers like 2-for-1 meals, so order for 2 people and pay only for one. So, in this way, you can a good amount in the long go.

This app charges £1 per 60 days trial and then after £39.9 per year. You can unsubscribe at any point in time. I understand we will get a thought, why we need to spend money to get this. But try to think in this way, if you are living with your friends, you can share the subscription and everyone can enjoy the benefits. isn't it smart!

2. Meercat

This app compares where you can find all the best things that compare the market has to offer. 50% off on Domino's pizza. Papa John's or Pizza Hut delivery and many more offers.

This app as well is paid. But the good thing is, if you buy anything using this app, you will be eligible for a 1-year free subscription. Isn't cool!

3. Save money on Broadband

You can save money by choosing the best broadband plan for the required speed. You can do this by comparing broadband prices in your area on the Moneysupermarket website.

4. Check your Payslips

Another important thing is that you make sure to check your payslips for tax code. Sometimes you may be paying more unknowingly.

The current tax code is 1257L used for more people who have one job or pension.

If your tax code is something like - 1257W1 or 1257M1 or 1257x (Emergency tax codes), then try to contact HMRC and make sure whether you are on the right tax code.

5. Use loyalty cards when you shop.

When you do your weekly or daily shopping, you can sign up for loyalty cards and earn points. You can redeem them into vochers and use them to buy groceries.

6. Top cashback app

This app will not charge you money, additionally you earn rewards when you refer this app. You can redeem this money into your bank as well. I am posting my link here, you can get your first £10 pounds from here


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