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Interpersonal skills for Plab 2 Exam

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Hello Everyone, here I am sharing some phrases to score high in interpersonal skills for Plab 2.

As you all know, interpersonal skills weigh 4 marks in each station, so you can use these handy phrases in your exam.

Good luck everyone

Interpersonal skills (IPS) for Plab 2 Exam
Interpersonal skills for Plab 2 Exam

Interpersonal skills include not only your words but also your tone, hand gestures, facial expressions, and also your dressing sense.

Interpersonal skills are so important to pass PLAB 2 easily in your first attempt. For Example, if you scored 4/4 in interpersonal skills with 1 or 2 marks out of 4 in data gathering and management, there is a higher possiblity of you passing the station.

When a patient is not opening up!


Please don't worry dear, we're all here to help you and support you and if you want to share anything with me/ with us, please do let us know, feel free to share anything.

If still not opening up!

Offer confidentiality

I can see that you are really worried about something, but I want to make you know that anything you tell us is confidential between you and the medical team unless it is posing any danger to anybody

When you don't know about something patient is asking you!

I am sorry, I don't know about that at the moment, but

I can definitely go back to the Nurse/Senior/someone and I will let you know.


I can ask them to come back to you and explain themselves to you of what happened.

If patient wants to go home even after disclosing diagnosis!

I understand how much you want to go home but it could be dangerous to send you home in this state. It would be much safer if we admitted you for now and started treating you before the condition gets worse. How do you feel about that?

If still don't want to stay!

Okay well, we can't force you to stay against your will, but may I ask you why you won't stay

When patient discloses his worry

Now I understand why you don't want to stay, OFFER SOLUTION

If still wants to go home - Take DAMA (Discharge against medical advice)

Hope this helps you all. I will come up with some more phrases soon.

Interpersonal skills for Plab 2 Exam


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