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What is EPIC verification?/when you should get it done?

Updated: May 17, 2023

We need to know what is EPIC verification to think ahead and stop wasting more time in the waiting process for GMC registration.

What is EPIC verification? when you should get it done?
What is EPIC verification? when you should get it done?

You cannot get full registration of GMC without verification of your Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ) which is done via EPIC verification. So, it is very important to know what is EPIC and when you should get it done.

Hello guys, I am Dr. Deepika, I recently passed PLAB 1 on the first attempt with a 140 score. Now I am preparing for my PLAB 2 Exam. So, I am sharing all my research in this post regarding EPIC verification.

In this post, I will explain everything about the process simply and understandably. So let's get started.

1. What is EPIC verification?

In short, your PMQ will be verified whether is it genuine directly with your awarding institution.

EPIC (Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials )

ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)

Your PMQ verification is carried out by ECFMG through EPIC.


2. Which is the best time to get EPIC verification done?

Ideally, after passing your PLAB 1 exam and before PLAB 2 Exam. If you are thinking about why before PLAB-2, then let me explain to you a little bit more.

So, ECFMG will do your PMQ verification with your University. Now, it is your responsibility to chase your University and request to respond. If you are still in your home country, you can request them by directly visiting the University. Once this is done, it will be valid for a lifetime. And final EPIC report will be sent to GMC and this will be valid for 1 year. If this expires, you need to reapply for it.


3. How much EPIC verification will cost?

Establishing an EPIC account and confirming your identity will cost you $ 130.


4. What documents do you need for EPIC verification

After opening an EPIC account, you need the following SCANNEDFULL-COLOUR COPY documents.

  1. Page of your unexpired passport.

  2. Page of your current passport containing expiry date and section in Latin characters.

  3. your photograph.

  4. Information of your medical education, your medical registration number, attendance, and degree issue date.

  5. ECFMG International Credentials Service (EICS) identification number (if you have one).


5. Steps of EPIC verification.

  1. Open an EPIC online account (130 $)

2. Get EIF (Epic Identification Form) certified by NotaryCam - Form available in your account. You need to get certified by Notary officer through video call (link will be emailed to you)

3. Upload your Credentials after EPIC certification - upload PMQ for the PLAB route (30 $)

4. PMQ verification - sent to your institution. (you can pay 30 $ for a trackable package)

5. Credentials verified - Your institution has to send it in the post to ECFMG


Important Note:

  1. When you upload credentials, select GMC to receive an EPIC report for that qualification. This will make sure that the GMC is updated when the qualification is verified.

  2. Everything takes time and money. So plan ahead to prevent more delays.

Thanks for reading. Please do comment if you want to share more info and if you have any queries.


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